The Builder

Jakob Flansberry

I started unicycling in 2004. Through the years I have done a little bit of all disciplines but my heart holds a special place for Trials and Muni. I’m also a big fan of biking! I enjoy both, one or two wheels. The ride is a very different experience and offers very different feelings.

I bought my first complete High End unicycle in 2007, a Koxx-One Devil Original. That is the only complete unicycle I’ve got! I’ve always liked customizing what I had to make it best fit my riding habits. Before I started welding, I would be replacing parts and trying a whole lot of different combinations. Learning metal working has pushed customization to a totally different level, a level at which you can see Flansberrium today!

I’m always looking to improve, whether it’s my riding or what I’m doing in the workshop. I think there’s always a way to improve! 

My goal is to offer high-end customizable products, all 100% handmade by myself.

Jakob on a unicycle
The Workshop
Flansberrieum Shop

This is the place where all the magic happens. It’s small but efficient and makes dreams come true! This is already the fifth workshop I have set up since 2014. Every new shop is better and closer to my dream!