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The Tiny-T-Bars were developed for Muni riding where a short and rigid handle is preferred. The handle sits close to the saddle and is only adjustable in length. They are made from 4130 Steel for maximum strength. 

3 choices of ”T Handle”.
• Assymetrical: Optimised for control and one handed riding, offering a very natural position for the braking hand.
• The Y: For those who want a natural hand position, but change grip.
• The T: Straight 90º handle, great for anyone riding with both hands looking for a longer handle on easier terrain.

Complete kit includes the following;

• Base Mount to attach to the saddle
• T handle (choice of 3 versions)
• 2 grips
• Powdercoated (colors may vary)
• Weights approximately xxxG

Seperate parts are available to purchase!

$ 265


  • Custom color + $ 60
  • Replacement grips + $ 40
  • Replacement Base mount + $ 150
  • Replacement T handle + $ 85